CE Certification for EMC Testing

October 30, 2017

Need CE Certification? Even if you don’t, you still may want to minimize the effects of electrical noise.   

As one of the world’s largest EMI-RFI filter manufacturers, Enerdoor also offers CE Certification and consulting service. When equipment is CE compliant facilities run more efficiently, resulting in both economical and logistical benefits.   

Q: What is the CE mark?   

A: The CE mark is a symbol that a manufacturer affixes to their products in order to meet the European law requirements. The list of products that apply the CE mark is broad, but in general all electrical products must comply with the Directive. The CE mark is a self-declaration from the manufacturer; meaning the manufacturer has taken responsibility for the compliance of their products in accordance with all applicable European Standards. These Standards include: safety, EMC Directive, performance and environmental requirements. CE stands for “Conformité Européenne" which is French for European Conformity. Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Israel utilize the CE mark as a reference for domestic and imported products.   

Q: What if I am an OEM manufacturer utilizing electronic devices?    

  • EMC Directive 2014/30EU
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/34/EU                                                          

Q: What’s the status in the US? 

 A: The US has FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which is a certification for electronic products manufactured in the US or for products imported into the US. For industrial applications, FCC is very similar to the EMC Directive. The goal of both agencies is to limit and minimize the emission of unintentional “radio-frequency” that may cause problems to other devices.   

Q: What are the benefits of being CE compliant?  

 A: CE compliant equipment not only reduces emissions that can negatively affect other machinery in the vicinity, it also protects the machinery from non-compliant equipment causing external radio frequency interference, often found in large industrial facilities. In the end, these benefits save both time and money by avoiding production downtime due to EMI-RFI issues.     

 Q: How may Enerdoor assist you?   

A: For 25+ years, Enerdoor has specialized in the measurement and analysis of EMC testing and CE Certification, providing on-site service to customers around the world. Our flat rate testing service is unique in the industry, as is our pledge to not leave the facility until equipment is compliant. Enerdoor has engineers that assist customers through a portion or the entirety of the CE Certification process.  

Enerdoor offers two fully equipped EMC mobile laboratories, complete with engineers with decades of on-site experience. 

We work on-site with the customer to find real time solutions, and offer recommendations and suggestions to minimize potential radio-frequency interference that may cause malfunctions inside the machine or to other devices.