EMI-RFI Filters for OEMs Using VFDs and Servo Drives

October 4, 2018

As one of the largest EMI-RFI filter manufacturers in the world, Enerdoor offers solutions to customers needing an EMI-RFI filter in conjunction with single or multiple variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo drives.

It can be challenging for OEMs, system integrators and distributors to find the proper EMI-RFI filter to use inside a cabinet that has multiple VFDs or servo drives. 

Drive manufacturers often recommend installing a single EMI-RFI filter for each individual drive. This results in increased cost, more space being used inside the cabinet, and a higher leakage current. Typically, drive manufacturers do not stock EMI-RFI filters, due to the fact they view filters as an accessory and feel they are not responsible for supplying all necessary components in the final system. This tends to make it difficult to purchase these devices. 

The Solution Enerdoor proposes one filter per machine instead of one filter per drive. Using a single filter per machine instead of one per drive offers the following advantages:    

Technical: Low leakage current; protects the entire machine instead of only the drive.   

 Economical: Using only one filter costs less, requires less mechanical space, reduces potential quality issues due to faulty wiring, and accelerates installation time. 

The Result Enerdoor’s unique combination of being an EMI-RFI filter manufacturer and decades of experience with the Enerdoor EMC mobile laboratory has allowed us to comprise a list of filters compatible with the major VFD and servo drive manufacturers of the world. All filters listed here have been tested in systems utilizing single or multiple VFDs. If a drive manufacturer is not listed, please contact Enerdoor for the appropriate solution.

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